We know elevators.

Keeping your elevator, escalator or moving walk functioning at its peak requires regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Our flexible service offering increases your system’s uptime while ensuring you meet your legal and operator responsibilities as well as standards.

Our highly qualified service technicians have decades of experience along with access to a worldwide technology network for third-party systems, This enables us to deliver top-notch manufacturer-independent service for products from other companies.


We support our customer’s equipment throughout the projected lifecycle.  From new installation to the modernization of old equipment, every step of the way, we strive to fully understand customer needs and consistently deliver safe and high-quality elevator solutions.

Precision modernization solutions are specific to your buildings needs. Solutions range from component upgrades to complete replacement of existing elevator equipment. The purpose behind modernization is to maintain the safety and reliability of your equipment throughout the lifespan of your building.


Precision Lift maintenance offers the predictability of the industry's only standardized work processes, the best trained people, the most reliable parts and the most advanced tools.


Our repair technician’s take advantage of the trades newest technology in order to optimize your elevator's efficiency and performance, as well as address any code compliance issues.

Project surveys

Precision understands how quickly codes change. Our technicians will check all major elevator components to determine if local and national code requirements are up-to-date. After each survey, we can recommend cosmetic improvements, performance enhancements, and replacement of obsolete components

Consulting & Testing

Is your current elevator company too busy to perform your preliminary requirements?

Precision elevator has a crew of technicians that are dedicated to local compliance and testing.

• Completion of all State and City Code Compliance
• Hydraulic Elevator 5 Year Load Test
• Annual Hydraulic Elevator Pressure Relief Test
• Annual and 5 Year Load Testing for traction Elevators
• Replacement of Hydraulic shut-off valves and feed lines
• Monthly Fire service testing - Phase 1 & 2

Phone Monitoring

Our Elevator Communications Call Center monitors elevators and after-hours dispatch throughout Southern California. Our representatives can handle any request or elevator emergency situation.

If your building does not have a building attendant available 24 hours a day to answer the emergency elevator phone, we recommend you have your phone monitored by Precision Lift.

Precision offers the best value in emergency phone monitoring solutions. We provide technical and interpersonal training to assist in emergency and non-emergency situations. Precision is also one of the only elevator companies that provide a battery-backed emergency phone monitoring system.


Modernize your outdated equipment with new state-of-the-art equipment. Have your equipment modernized in 3-weeks or less guaranteed.


With 24-hour availability for emergency calls and breakdowns, we offer a rapid response and unparalleled safety. Give Precision Lift a call and we will take it from here.


It is our goal to ensure that your elevator equipment operates at peak performance. Our variety of service options ensure your equipment's uptime by meeting local code requirements.


Our Promise

It is our goal to ensure that your elevator and equipment operate at peak performance. Our variety of service options ensure your equipment's uptime is all the time by meeting state code requirements.

3 Week Modernization Guaranteed

The 3 Week Modernization is our companies bread and butter. We will perform a modernization on your outdated equipment in 3 weeks or less. We beat the industry standard yet again with this amazing task.


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