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Is your current elevator company too busy to perform your preliminary requirements?


When elevators go out of date and out of code, property and business owners have a responsibility to maintain these issues and it falls on them.

Audit Inspection

Let us take care of this dreaded day. An audit inspection comes about every year. With our partnership, we will file the paperwork on your behalf.

Pro-Active Testing

We are dedicated to local compliance and pro-active testing. This allows us to streamline the testing and inspection process.


By upgrading safety devices such as CCTV, light detectors, and mirrors it translates into lower liability risk and insurance costs for building owners.

Did you know that....

Inadequate maintenance, unsafe design, pulley system malfunction, and electronic eye malfunction cause more than 17,000 injuries in the United States alone.


Precision Lift has a crew of technicians that are dedicated to state and local compliance and testing.


Our completion of all State and City Code Compliance includes but is not limited to:

• Hydraulic Elevator 5 Year Load Test
• Annual Hydraulic Elevator Pressure Relief Test
• Annual and 5 Year Load Testing for traction Elevators
• Replacement of Hydraulshut-off valves and feed lines
• Monthly Fire service testing - Phase 1 & 2


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