Broken equipment?

Our repair technicians take advantage of the trades newest technology in order to optimize your elevator's efficiency and performance while addressing any and all code compliance issues.

We know breakdown emergencies can strike when you least expect. That’s why our local California technicians are always on standby, ready to be at your doorstep with our fully-stocked, eco-friendly trucks. From leaky hydraulic pumps, broken gate switch and faulty landing indicators to seasonal pro-active testing maintenance, you can trust the experts at Precision Lift for all your commercial and service elevator needs!

Machine Replacement

A traction elevator machine may sustain sufficient degradation and obsolescence over the years that it will need to be modernized.

Controller Replacement

Controller components become obsolete even though elevators have a long service life. When this occurs, the solution is to replace the old controller with a state-of-the-art control system.

Cylinder Replacement

Existing older installations without this effective corrosion protection could pose a serious safety or environmental issue for hydraulic elevators with an in-ground cylinder.

Changing Codes

Precision understands how quickly codes change. Our technicians will check all major elevator components to determine if local and national code requirements are up-to-date. After each survey, we can recommend cosmetic improvements, performance enhancements, and replacement of obsolete components.


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